Hope Academy Application Essay

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During my participation at Hope Academy I …. that the community and myself are pleased with the work and effort provided by Pam Picou. At Hope Academy Mrs. Pam Picou is in charge of coming talk to students at Our Lady of the Lake. She dedicates her time to explain what Hope Academy is all about and helps you understand what you will be doing at you time of service. The volunteering offers you to be able to help students in developing their social and learning skills. These students at Hope Academy all have disabilities and taking extra time out of your day will help them develop learning skills and also help them become more sociable. From all the information given about Hope Academy I knew what to expect as soon as I walked in. To be honest I actually got more than what I expected from volunteering there, the students actually taught me something. While volunteering you can tell that everyone there loves their job and enjoys every bit of developing the students. I am very grateful for Mrs. Pam introducing me to Hope Academy and giving me an amazing opportunity to work with those awesome children.…show more content…
When going to the school it made me realize how much help just one person in a class can be. Just by helping one student sound out words can already better their vocabulary and reading. By giving a little time out of the day to volunteer at this academy you can change a student’s life. What I man by changing their life is by just helping the student become a better student to help them move on to the next grade because they get help back by their disabilities. Being positive with the students at Hope Academy will help them realize how important it is to learn and become a better student and help them understand that they can do anything they out their mind too. The dedication the school puts to each individual student is amazing and lets you see how helpful someone can be in someone’s else’s
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