Hope: America's Hope For The Future

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Hope Winston Churchill said “The future is unknowable, but the past should give us hope”. Churchill understood that without the wars, struggles, and hardships that America has been through in the past, we wouldn 't be living in this free country with the hopes that we have today. Without the patriots we had back then, we wouldn 't be here today. On July 4th 1776 America gained its Independence from England. Everyday since then thousands of soldiers risk their lives for our freedom and to secure this independance. America as made it through countless hardships, and we have won many wars, to gain the hope for the future we have today. My grandfather, who fought in Vietnam, is a hero. I appreciate what he and our founding fathers and veterans have given us, they gave us freedom and hope for the future.…show more content…
When facing the darkest times individually or collectively, one thing we can be certain of is that we’ve been here before and we’ve been through worse. Together, we’ve been through sadness, disappointment, war, upheaval, conflict, fear, grief, loss, uncertainty, dictatorship, bigotry, and divisiveness. But that has never truly brought down the stars and stripes. The struggles we have been though in the past, give me hope for the future. If you think of all the conflicts, loss, fear, sadness, and war America has been through since July 4th 1776, and how we have managed to get where we are today, you can clearly see that we didn’t give up, because we had hope. The fact that we have fought through all this and are still thriving, gives me my hope for the future of America. Have you ever thought what fueled the soldiers of the revolutionary war to fight against their leaders? Hope. Hope fueled the soldiers to fight against their leaders. The soldiers had hope that by rebelling against their own country they could make their own free country. So if I 've learned anything from the history of America, it would be that with enough hope we can achieve
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