Hope And Comfort Character Analysis

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Hope and Comfort
Most people know how it feels when someone you love is sick. How the thoughts of losing them can rip your heart apart. In the Novel Hope and Comfort by A.J McKenna we follow charley who tries to handles his wives nearby death, by cheating and lying.
The novel starts in medias res, because we meet charley who calls into the Mater Misericordia Hospital to visit his wife. We may consume now, that his wife is in the hospital because she is sick. Through the story we follow charley’s and dolly’s thoughts while they talk at the hospital. We learn about their secrets, example that dolly is in a lot of pain, but she doesn’t tell that to charley, and that they haven’t told their son, that his mother is sick. In the ending charley makes a phone call to his new friend Katherine, who we
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Charley is avoiding staying at the house. “Charley is eating out and staying away from the house as much as possible. He’s managing all right”. The house reminds him of her, and therefore it feels lonely to be there without her.
But when he is not at home, he is with his mistress Katherine. “’stay tonight,’ she offers. ‘If you like.’. Charley thinks of his empty house, the quietness without Dolly and the dreadful silences she left behind”. When he is with Katherine he is not lonely anymore.
He has a difficult with handling that time pas by, and he is about to grow old. “Time is running out. Grey face in the shaving mirror reminding charley of middle age and the rot ahead”. He is scared that he is wasting time, and that is also why he notice the sound of the alarm clock beside his wives’ bed. He does not want to spend his time at the hospital. That makes him selfish and unkind.
Additional he describes the hospital as a prison, when he drives away. Because it captures his time, and the only thing you do in there is
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