Personal Narrative Essay: Hope Botanical Garden

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The girls and I decided that Hope Botanical Garden should be the ideal place for our sparingly first picnic, as there is nowhere else, to our knowledge, in Jamaica that has such a relaxed atmosphere.

It has been eight years since high school; eight years since we have done anything together. School and work are burying us alive, but I decided to pull myself up out of it and drag the girls up along with me.

Stacy could not make it; her mother still thinks that she is a 10-year-old kid when the woman is 23! I didn't push it, though. Last time we wanted to get together, I had to beg her mother to let her come out to play, but I gave up on trying. We love Stacy, but she'll never see the light of freedom. Moreover, I do not want to see the sight of jail because what her mother is doing is getting me irate. My mother could never steal my freedom like that; she was my age once, so she ignores me.
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I just stare at her as we enter the garden. She took my stare as an answer and smirked.

Jordan Thomas, one of my best friends, she's 5' short with short hair that rocks highlighted blue strikes. We met when we were in grade nine. It was the first day of grade nine and no one knew anyone and I recognized her as Stacy's neighbor (Stacy wasn't in my class). I went up to her and we started talking. We found out that had a lot in common then. Eminem was cool and so was South Park. Jordan is a very nice person, but annoying as slow Wifi. She has the mouth of a classy hood rat if that is even possible. She is a pain in the behind, but we still love her.

As we make our way to the bench area, we realized it was pack with "space holders", also known as teenagers, but we managed to snatch a picnic bench that was under a huge tree and next to the most expensive restaurant called 'The Garden'. I heard their water was bottled in heaven due to the price of
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