Hope Concept Analysis Paper

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Hope: A Concept Analysis Why do we choose to hope every day of our lives? What is hope? Why there is hope and hopeful people? Hope is an important aspect of every human being in our everyday life. Hope is anticipation, desire, a meaningful motivation and expectation for a possible positive future. Hope can create a difference in peoples’ lives. We hope for better life, we hope for peace on Earth, we hope for good health for ourselves and our families, we hope to be better people, we just hope… The term hope has been mentioned in the Greek mythology. As Pandora was sent to the Earth caring a chest, she was curious to find as to what is in the chest. When she opened the lid of the chest an evil forces came out and in the panic moment…show more content…
She uses the faith-hope factor as a major factor in the nursing and the curative process. She states” when modern science has nothing further to offer the person, the nurse can continue to use faith-hope to provide the sense of well-being through beliefs which are meaningful to the individual”. Nurses have an important role to instill hope in the patient which can help the patient to create a positive feeling. We (nurses) care for patients with the hope that we provide care and improve the well-being of those patients. Without hope there is no motivation, especially for patients who are sick and going through life-changing circumstances. Their recovery process will slow down and may not be even possible if there is no hope, if there is no looking forward to the future and the best possible outcomes. Hope has been defined as a positive and necessary aspect of human life that is a future-oriented, motivating factor (Brumbach, 1994). Nurses have the greatest and hardest role/job to create a positive expectation in patients who have to go through very tough and challenging situations when hospitalized. Nurses can create a positive energy and positive attitude towards patient’s recovery process. Optimism is very much needed in order to get a positive
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