Hope In Edwidge Danticat's Children Of The Sea

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Being optimistic in tragic times, is a substantial challenge, but the people of Haiti find hope in each other. Author, Edwidge Danticat, portrays the idea of hope in a variety of different stories. Born in Port-au Prince, Haiti, Danticat’s background of Haiti, brings authenticity to the novel. The motif of family and friendship that thread throughs Danticat’s stories, suggests that even though people may be in times of despair, loved ones can bring a sense of hope. Hope is illuminated in “Children of the Sea”, through the unnamed boy and girl 's relationship. Danticat tells the story of the two 's distant relationship. They write back and forth to each other, in assumption that both are still alive and well, trying to fill the void. The man is on a boat, seeking to escape trouble he got himself into, in Haiti. The girl resides in Haiti, with the rest of her family. They both write to each other to feel as though they’re having a normal conversation, hoping that the other is also writing. “i will keep writing like we promised to do. i hate it, but I will keep writing. you keep writing too, okay? and when we see each other again, it will seem like we lost no time” (Danticat 7). Hope is demonstrated as the girl tells her secluded love that they will see each other again, not acknowledging the fact that he could be in danger. Even if she can never send the letters, she continues to write. Not only is hope shown as she’s trusting that he’s writing back, but also when the girl
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