Hope In Fever 1793

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Hope is always needed in dark situations to help you surpass the suffering. This is true in most cases where death may lie. In the book Fever 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson, the Author shows just what a grim disease my do to you, your loved ones, and everyone else on this planet. In the book, a 13 year old girl, Marie, Lives a normal life in Philadelphia until the day comes during the summer of 1793 were the fever strikes it's first few victims. She is forced to try and survive not only the sickness but the people, and places around her. This book puts forward the idea that Hope may not always be offered but can still be found if you search for it.

In the start of the book, The sickness is starting to take it's toll on the people of philadelphia.
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“Take this man back to the city,” he commanded. “He is infected with the disease.(82)” This yet again shows that the fever is not spreading. The peoples hope is started to be scattered amongst the people hope is almost completely gone. “ “Old soldier’s trick,” I said as I set off. Find the willow tree and you’ll soon find water nearby.” In this situation she is realizing what she must do in order to survive and help her grandfather. This is the start of her looking for hope. A few days after Matilda’s search for hope is slowly starting to pay off. “Eliza had just reached the bottom step when I slammed into her. She wrapped her arms around me.” Now with Eliza’s help Mattie can relax a little more than before. This is the point where mattie's life is starting to be revived of…show more content…
No insects hover over the dying plants or the well. The entire yard sparkled with diamonds of frost that quickly melted into millions of drops of water with a gentle kiss of the sun….Frost…”(210) The frost has appeared which indeed killed the insects and in favor would also kill of most of the sickness. Matties luck just continues to look up with lots of hope that she will the survive the next day better than she did today's. “ “Nathaniel.”(116)” Now nathaniel had returned healthy. Things are getting better than they were before the sickness every minute of every day. “The driver and a women dressed in country clothes were gently helped a frail woman with gray in her hair step out of the carriage. She leaned heavily on their arms. When her feet where on the ground, she raised her face to us. Tires, familiar, beautifull. Mother had come home.(233)” This represents some of that last good parts all coming together. Though critics may argue that hope can not always be found even if you look for it. To that I wonder if they are searching hard enough? But I say with the hope rebuilding itself and the happiness with Mattie. Things will be better than ever in no time at all.

In conclusion, The book Fever 1793 goes to show that hope may not always be offered but can still be found if you search for it. Mattie in the book has a fever hit philidelphia hard and a lot of her people either die or get lost including herself. But she continues to search and survival
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