Hope In Forrest Gump

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In society, people are encouraged at a young age to always have goals. However, in order to have goals people need hope, which is the main ingredient to achieve what people desire. Hope gives people the strength to overcome difficult goals, life’s hardships, and understand life lessons. There are many avenues that teach people about hope, for example, films. After watching a film, people are able to gain an understanding of hope, as well as how to apply it to their life. Having a better understanding of hope shows people, in the end, everything will work out as planned, which is the epitome of hope. Ultimately, people can incorporate the film’s meaning of hope into their lives as a tool to help them, whether it be a major life event or a simple…show more content…
Gump was an incredibly kind, gentle soul, and often described as a “mentally retarded” person because of his relatively low I.Q. score of seventy-five. Despite the lack of sophistication and the fact he was raised in a rural area of Alabama, Gump managed to demonstrate throughout the film qualities such as fearlessness, determination, bravery, and loyalty to everyone around him. He was involved in the most critical event that took place in American history from the late fifties until the early eighties. These major events included the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the Watergate scandal, Anti-Vietnam War Protest Movement, as well as, the Computer Revolution. In addition, Gump had the honor of meeting three of our Presidents - Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, and music legends - Elvis Presley and John Lennon. Furthermore, he became a wealthy shrimp tycoon, a world-class ping pong player, and ran across America, which inspired many to follow. Ultimately, Gump fulfilled his main desires, which was to settle down with his childhood best friend and raise their son. Although Gump was viewed and categorized as a kid as unintelligent, he didn’t let that stop him from becoming a success throughout his life. Forrest Gump has touched, moved, and inspired people for over twenty years and the life lessons from the film are just as relevant today as they were back in…show more content…
The ambiguous line between right and wrong, Ann’s wish to put her own interests first—specifically to live independently of Kate and to stop serving involuntarily as Kate’s donor—and her incompatible desire to put Kate’s interests first form the central conflict of the film. The trial, which takes up a considerable portion of the film’s plot, centers on resolving this conflict. For most of the trial’s length no easy distinction can be made between which is right and which is wrong. Anna has no legal obligation to donate her kidney, which would require surgery and carries a risk of health problems. Yet without Anna’s kidney, which Anna can live without, Kate will die. Several of the characters struggle throughout the book to determine which is the right solution, with different characters arguing different sides of the point, but no one can come up with an argument that settles the issue completely. Only when Anna reveals Kate’s wish to die, making it clear that even Kate does not want Anna’s kidney. The story of a tragic outcome gives a mother an unexpected twist in hope best for her daughter and family was only hurting her. She was suffering going through all those medical treatments, seeing her family being tore apart was to her the most hurtful. Not all stories of hope end with our expectations, but more so teach us a life lesson with a bitter sweet taste of

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