Hope In Lord Of The Flies

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One 's life may be difficult at times, so why do some people see the good in these situations? To be a survivor one must not see everything as bad and see the positive to move toward a better future. A survivor 's eyes sees hope.opportunity, and purpose to get through hard times for a better future.
A survivor 's eyes sees hope in the darkest times. Hope is something everyone has rather it 's hoping to make a team, hoping to get something specific for a holiday, or simply hoping one 's day is good. A survivor has more hope than anyone else they hope to survive, to stay surviving, and for others to survive with them. In the novel, Lord of the flies Ralph has hope that they will be rescued by building a fire, he says to the group “The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don 't keep a fire going?” (Golding 80). Ralph has hope that a plane will see the smoke from the fire and they will get rescued. Hope can help someone survive, by hoping for a better future and knowing
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A survivor 's eyes sees purpose to look into a brighter future. When one has a purpose in life it helps them move forward and not just sit around and keep living in a bad circumstance. One can focus on their bad situation a little too much but if one has a purpose to succeed and thrive it helps them change the present and have a better future. Kayla montgomery, a teenager surviving with M.S, has a purpose in life to be a good runner and keep on going even when she falls, she says, “ I 've trained myself to think about other things while I race, to get through. But when I break the motion, I can 't control them and I fall” (Crouse). Even though Kayla knows she is going to fall she still gives herself a purpose to keep doing what she wants and to keep looking into the future to get better and better. Having a purpose in life lets people not think about there bad situation and more on what they need to do to survive and have a
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