Hope In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain action to happen. This hope is a major element of the boys’ lives on the island in the book the Lord of the Flies. In this novel, boys aging from six to fourteen are stranded on an island by themselves with no adults around. These boys have to learn to live on their own. The children even make a society on the island, which some of the boys decide to go against. They depend on hope to survive, especially at the beginning. William Golding uses symbolism in this story to get his ideas across, and to intrigue the readers. Fire is a major symbol of hope for the children, and as the story goes on, many of the boys lose their hope and replace the symbol of hope with fear because of what they believe as individuals.…show more content…
The boys vote on Ralph to be their chief in the beginning of this book. Ralph is very structured and works in a way that society would. Under the direction of Ralph, the boys make a fire on the top of a mountain on the island. Ralph explains to the boys that the fire will get them rescued. This quote shows how the boys are very enthusiastic about the fire, because they all want to be saved from the island. As the fire continues, it soon becomes out of control. The mulberry child even gets lost in the fire, implying that he gets killed from the flames. None of the boys want to admit that they let this happen, because they do not want to confess that they let their society get out of hand. As we can see already, the fire is losing the hope it once had. The society that Ralph is trying to create is already losing order, and some individuals are starting to go with their instincts instead of reason. Although hope is still present on the island, fear is also starting to
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