Hope In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a story all about hope. Hope can come in many forms in this novel, some more obvious or questionable than other but it’s there. Like when The Greasers and Socs have an understanding for each other. And when Johnny leave Pony a note. When the Socs and Greasers find themselves actually getting along a few times it show that the hope of one day they wouldn’t have to fight anymore. They’d see that they are all pretty alike and there would be no need for everyone to be judged one way. Like when Ponyboy meets Cherry and finds that, as Cherry puts it “Things are rough all over” (S.E. Hinton. The Outsiders. Chapter two pg 35). Or when Randy talks to Pony in his car and calls him a hero for saving the
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