Hope Is A Curse Short Story

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Hope is a Curse Hoping deals more harm to a person than doubting of an outcome. In particular, the stories “Perseus” and “The Scarlet Ibis”, by James hurst, are ideal illustration that display why hope is not a blessing. In the beginning if “Perseus”, a power-hungry King of Argos, named Acrisius, obtained his prophecy from the oracle. The message caused him to imprison his daughter, Danae, thus, his son, Perseus avenges her later in the story. In “The Scarlet Ibis”, brother narrates the story of how his younger brother, Doodle, survived a premature birth. Brother, who wanted Doodle to be normal, trains him on how he could reach his goal, however, he pushed him too hard to the extent that Doodle losses his own life. Both stories “Perseus” and…show more content…
Brother is very ambitious, so he is carefully mapping out physical-improvement goals, with high expectations, for his disabled brother, Doodle. Brother stated, “I began to believe in my own infallibility, and I prepared a terrific development program for him… I would teach him how to run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight.... So we set a deadline for these accomplishments less than a year away” Brother believes that he can further improve Doodle’s physical ability because he had taught him how to walk, which was a big accomplishment for a boy who could not stand up on his own. He set difficult goals, therefore Doodle could be stronger and healthier in less than a year. Only then, brother could have the sibling that he hoped to have since the beginning. A storm appeared with rushing clouds, and roaring thunder. Brother found Doodle after he selfishly left him because he was disappointed at Doodle for being too weak to swim. Brother narrates, “He was sitting on the ground, his face buried in his arms… He had been bleeding from the mouth.” Doodle, instead of becoming the sibling that his brother wanted, died after running away from the storm. If he was not left alone, this accident would not have happened. Brother’s expectations of Doodle were too high that his results did not please him, causing him run away from him. At the end, his hope did not turn out well
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