Hope Spring Interpersonal Communication

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The movie, Hope Spring presents a middle-aged couple whose thirty years of marriage, is being jeopardized by the lack of intimacy, connection and communication. As a result, Kay (wife) and Arnold (husband) are no longer sharing the same bedroom and they barely intermingle in a loving way. It is palpable that intimacy between Kay and Arnold is nonexistence. As a result, they have unintentionally created multiple barriers to connect intimately and those barriers are preventing intimacy from occurring in their marriage relationship. Finally, Kay decides that she had enough and discovers a book by a therapist name Dr. Feld. The book motivates her to seek marriage counseling and she decides to sign up for a week of intense marital counseling with the single purpose to work on rekindling their marriage relationship. Throughout, the movie there are multiple scenes that had a great…show more content…
Mainly, the scenes were both Kay and Arnold are expressing their feelings but neither one of them is listening to one another. The depiction of Kay and Arnold represents a common issue between married couples in our time, and that is the lack of interpersonal communication. It became apparent that Kay and Arnold remained married for so many years with the purpose of raising their children together. It is also easy to suggest that throughout the years they both became focus on other areas of their lives that they neglected their needs and consequently, they grow apart. This area warrant further reflection because it is easy to neglect our husband/wife once we become comfortable within our marriage. The desire to be kind, to care and to please each other become nonexistent in the marriage relationship as time goes by. That is why it is important to maintain the communication line in the marriage relationship open regardless of the nature of the conversation as long as is conducted with
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