Hope V. King's I Have A Dream

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‘Hope’ is an inspiring speech by Harvey Milk that was a former San Francisco mayor. ‘I Have a Dream’ is a life changing speech by Martin Luther King Jr. who was a civil rights activist. Martin Luther King’s speech discussed the matters of equality for people of a different race other than white. Harvey Milk’s speech involves the equal rights for the LGBT community. The hope speech and I have a dream speech are similar because they both talk about equality, discrimination, and not being accepted for who they are. To start with, in both Harvey Milk’s “Hope” speech and Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” you can tell that the authors are both leaders for the group they represent. Even though they stand for two completely different rights, they are similar because they are both leaders. Dr. King takes his world renowned speech to the Lincoln memorial and says it loud and proud, while representing all African Americans, and doing it quite well. Milk shouts his speech aloud on the steps of San Francisco hall during a mass rally to celebrate California Gay Freedom Day. Milk speaks for all gays, not only in San Francisco, but everywhere. He says that if he can be elected as a leader, why…show more content…
To conclude, the speeches are similar because both authors of the speeches were killed for being who they were. They were killed for being different and having power while doing so. People don’t like different. They want everything the same cookie cutter way. King and Milk had the guts to stand up for their beliefs and people did not like that, two men didn’t like it so much, they killed these influential, important leaders. I believe Harvey Milk and Martin Luther King Jr. were brave and crucial leaders to their time. They made important changes and awakened the the people who were so enclosed in their opinions. Whether they liked it or not, they were exposed to leadership that they were going to be seeing and enduring for the rest of their lives. Even if Milk and King were
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