Hopeless Or Hopelessness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Hopeless or Hopelessness? Hopelessness and futility can lead a life into nowhere, because without hope you won 't have a dream or a goal to accomplish. Hopelessness is often shown in places where people have no hope to continue life or anything. In John Steinbeck 's novel, Of Mice and Men, it shows hopelessness in character 's dialogue, and character’s actions. In Of Mice and Men, George is one of the characters who lost hope to his friend Lennie, through the actions/troubles Lennie had made. It is also shown in the book with other character 's actions. George is Lennie 's best friend who lost hope on Lennie because Lennie keep on getting in trouble. Lennie is a big, muscular man, but he is also unintelligent and irresponsible. He always gets in trouble because he likes to pet soft things, and when he do, he can 't stop petting it. Lennie petted a puppy …show more content…

When Lennie and George get a farm his punishment is not to tend any rabbits. One thing George lost hope to Lennie and killed him is when he was petting Curley 's wife 's hair. When Lennie was petting harder and harder to Curley 's wife 's head, it was hurting Curley 's wife, so Curley 's wife 's natural reaction is to scream. Lennie doesn 't want to get into more trouble because he already killed a puppy before touching Curley 's Wife and he doesn 't want to get into more trouble, he gripped Curley 's wife 's neck and accidentally twisted it, which caused the death of Curley 's wife. George had to kill him because if he doesn 't kill Lennie, Lennie could cause more deaths and

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