Hopi Tribe Research Paper

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The Hopi Indians were considered as a sub tribe for the Pueblo Indians "Hopi" is a reflected word of the original term Hopi Toh-Shi-nu-mu, which means the “peaceful people." or the “Peaceful Little Ones” are a well-known Indian Nation in Northern Arizona. The Hopis have also been mentioned to as the Moqui, based on what the Spanish called them. The Hopi reservation is surrounded by two and a half million acres in northeastern Arizona on the east side of the Grand Canyon near the Four Corners. The Hopis tribe is very quiet and peaceful tribe located at in the center of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo means “ancient enemies” and it’s one of the Hopi is Anasazi names. The Hopis inhabit fourteen villages, most of them located above the three rocky
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