Essay On The Importance Of Hopscotch Games In English

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A. The Implementation of Hopscotch Games in Teaching Speaking to Young Learners
1. Teaching Preparation
Teaching preparation is a teachers’ effort to plan the actions to be taken in the learning activities. It’s essentially a planning to estimate or project about what to do in the classroom. According to J. Harmer (1991), in his book “The Practice of English Language teaching” He stated that the best teachers are those who think carefully about what they are going to do in their classes and how they are going to organize the teaching and learning. A good teacher plans their work before teaching learning process. It made by teachers because gives several advantages. Those are : It makes life much easier in the classroom,
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And how to give them to students? There are 15 (fifteen) basic principles of the development of materials for the teaching of language compiled by Brian Tomlinson (2011). Those are: (1) Materials should achieve impact. It means that they should have an attractive presentation and appealing content to target learners. (2) Materials should help learners to feel at ease. It means texts & illustration in materials should make learners feel comfortable, relaxed and being supportive. (3) Materials should help learners to develop confidence. It means they should make learners feel successful and push learners to develop their skills. (4) What is being taught should be perceived by learners as relevant and useful. It means materials should convince learners that teaching points are useful whereby teachers need to find what the learners are interested in. (5) Materials should require & facilitate learners self-investment. It means they should encourage learners to invest their interests, efforts, and attention. (6)Learners must be ready to acquire the points being taught. It means using materials to prepare learners to focus on features of the target language which they haven’t learned yet, so they might be attentive to learn these features. (7) Materials should expose learners to language in authentic use. It means they should provide learners with advice and instructions for their activities, spoken language, and written text. (8) The learners’ attention should be drawn to the linguistic features of the input. It means materials should include grammar and how the language is actually used. (9) Materials should provide learners with opportunities to use the target language to achieve communication process. (10) Materials should take into account that learners differ in learning style. It means they should provide a variety of

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