Horace Mann Research Paper

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In 1837, Horace Mann set forth the vision of the educational system with the first ever Board of Education. Mann intended to reform a system of learning that would give knowledge to a diverse group of students, paid for and maintained by the public. From this point on, the development of school and its principals flourished with professionals wanting to educate the illiterate and a variety of common people wanting to grasp the opportunity to learn. Though, at the time, the intentions of Horace Mann were good, the progression of education as we know it has become in vain. The pressure of expectations and the readiness to transition from high school to college has changed the way students work in the learning environment and the stress of the…show more content…
“Too much stress has many effects on the body and mind,” Mary Alvord, psychologist, says.” Most of the students surveyed reported that homework sessions consumed more than three hours of their time per night. Of those same students surveyed “twenty-six percent noted that they had been diagnosed with depression—over four times the national average of 6 percent.” The stress of the students today is being compared to that of a patient bound in an insane asylum. These students come home from long days work in school and probably even a long shift of manual labor, disregarding their health most times. In the short term it can cause anxiety; over long periods of time, the elevated levels of stress hormones weaken the immune system, causing issues of heart problems, respiratory issues, and -most prominent- chronic anxiety and depression. This is a specially bad for young adults, who, are still in the developing stage of their lives. They 're sustainable to the bouts of harmful thoughts and behavior, confusion, and to the desire to drop out rather than continue on with the stressful…show more content…
They 're piled under a ample amount of work and feel, more often than not, that if they can 't follow through with the expectations of superiors of family then there 's no reason to work as hard or go to school at all. “Instead, even if they know better, they find themselves lashing out or totally shutting down.” (High-Stress High School) It 's of no surprise that a student would want to shut down under all as a result of the three- to- four hour homework sessions, studying for practice test and quizzes, and still having to juggle a extracurricular activity for the sake of their college applications. Colleges are complaining that kids are “disengaged” studies and statistics show that “they’re dropping out, taking a long time to graduate. It’s not developmentally appropriate for them to work so hard,” says Gwadz, one of the authors of the recent study. It 's been proven that stress can be the very thing motivates a student to do better, but a surplus of anything can be too much for a single person. Too much stress and too much work can push any student to their breaking point, where they feels there 's no outlet besides giving it all
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