Horace Mann Stress

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In 1837, Horace Mann set forth the vision of the educational system with the first ever Board of Education. Mann intended to reform a system of learning that would give knowledge to a diverse group of students, paid for and maintained by the public. From this point on, the development of school and its principals flourished with professionals wanting to educate the illiterate and a variety of common people wanting to grasp the opportunity to learn. Though, at the time, the intentions of Horace Mann were good, the progression of education as we know it has become in vain. The pressure of expectations and the readiness to transition from high school to college has changed the way students work in the learning environment and the stress of the system and the expectations has an unimaginable toll on the students.
Teachers are always encouraging students to take on as many opportunities as possible, but what happens when these many opportunities become stressors? The hassle of trying to manage between homework, testing, and extracurricular activities- among other priorities- can make students subject to disarray. During this maddening time, students want nothing more than a way to find sanity in all of the chaos that school and the teachers’ expectations provide. Sadly, as teenagers, they 're more than likely to turn to drugs or alcohol as one of the many outlets for the stress. Alexandra Ossola of The Atlantic reported that while most students practiced healthy coping methods,
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