Horace's Argument Essay On Adversity

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Argument Essay: In this quote from the roman poet Horace he claims that “adversity can elicit talents and prosperous circumstances can remain the same”. Horace hits the target with this quote, because from personal experience when my grandfather passed away it brought out the toughest bond in our family and myself. Horace's assertions were also correct because when one is comfortable with themselves, or in a joyous lifestyle they tend to not change this, so everything is habitual throughout. Another way Horace's assertions were correct, because from my own observation of the world, and if adversity is present it develops a person's character in a negative or positive way. Horace's claim that “prosperous circumstances... would have lain dormant”, may refer to a first world country and a third world country. There is political hardship and danger in first world countries, but not as extreme as the third world countries. The united states for example, a strong, beautiful country, but not necessarily immune to political hardship, and misfortune. Citizens everyday in america die of…show more content…
When my mother's dad passed away from a brain aneurysm it was very hard on her. She was very close with her father, and she loved him very much. She became lost, and slightly out of it for a few weeks it was a sad time ,and tough time for my family we were devastated. When this tragedy occurred in my family my mother flew to new york where he lived for the funeral, and so did the rest of the family. I realized then that no matter how busy the family was, when this happened we came together to console one another. This made me ponder that i want to do something to help people in life whether that is a doctor, or lawyer i'm not sure yet, but i have time. This may have been a rough patch in my life, but this elicited the best in my family as well as
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