Horatian Satirical Analysis

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The type of satire that I chose to create for my Create Your Own Satire is Horatian. My satire is Horatian because I am using humor to poke fun of technology and how it is taking over family bonding time in a lighthearted, witty way. Unlike Juvenalian satire, my satire is lighter, more gentle, less harsh in tone; more sophisticated and subtle. When I was deciding what to create for this assignment, my goal was to create something that would make the audience laugh by entertaining them with wry humor. Although my goal was seek change, I wanted to show the audience the issue by highlighting one of today's weaknesses- family bonding caused by technology. Thus, I decided to create a Horatian satire because it is one of the mildest and gentlest…show more content…
I would rate myself a five for the first learning target because I believe that my final product is engaging, original, creative, witty, and satirical. Throughout this assignment, I've spent the majority of my time creating my cartoon poster and making it perfect. The hardest part was coming up with what to do and the ideas; however, I've decided to pick this topic because I could personally relate to it. My cartoon is witty and satirical because I've incorporated techniques that I've learned throughout this unit, such as hyperbole, loaded words, irony, and caricature to help make my satire effective. In addition, I would rate myself a 5 again for the second learning target because I have more than three techniques portrayed in my satire. At first, I thought I only had three techniques; however, during the satire conference day in class, Mrs. Shumpert pointed out that I actually have four instead of three. I have asked a few of my peers for their feedbacks on my techniques and almost all of them immediately noticed what techniques I have incorporated. In addition, my peers could tell who my audience and what I was criticizing based on the techniques I have used to achieve my desired effect. When other people successfully noticed what I was criticizing and addressing in my satire, I knew that the techniques I used were effective. Moreover, I would give myself a 5 for the third learning target. I would give myself a 5 because as I am typing my written reflection, I have a copy of the rubric and the satire overview next to me. I go down all the required list and make sure that I answer all the questions in order to receive the maximum points. As for the fourth learning target, I would give myself a five again. I did a cartoon/poster for my satire and I have all the requirements that are listed. For example, one of the requirement was that the cartoon must be neat and
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