Horatio Alger Myth And Racism Analysis

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Through the course of this class I have been exposed to number of new ideas and concepts that I was unaware of. Many of these ideas play out in my everyday life which has given me a chance to experience them and observe them. Know that I have been exposed to the Ideas I can look back over my life and point out were some of these concepts played a major role. One concept that has been present in my life and played a major role in not only my life but many other people even shaping many people's future is racism. Hensil defines racism as discrimination on the basis of race (Henslin 245). to me racism is a any negative act or attitude taken by an individual to another individual according to their skin color or ethnicity. However it as I was growing up it felt more like the definition of racism was a negative act taken by a white person to someone else. As I child it didn't make sense to me that it was ok for others to say certain things but me as a white kid it was considered as wrong. I realize that many individuals experience…show more content…
When I had first heard of it I didn't want to accept it but the more I thought of it the more I realized that it may be ugly but it is still true. The bases of the idea is that the myth says everyone has the same chance of succeeding and that it is up to the individuals to work hard to achieve their goals and if they don't succeed it is their fault. All though i still believe that everyone has the chance of achieving their goals I have come to accept that not everyone has an equal chance. It is clear that based on social class that those born in higher income households will have more opportunities afforded to them and they will not have to work as hard to achieve their goals. I do believe that individuals who are from lower social classes can become successful I personally only know of one individual who was able to do

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