Horatio Alger Research Paper

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Horatio Alger was born in 1832 in Chelsea, Massachusetts and lived until 1899 where died in Natick, Massachusetts. Alger was born into a regular sized family with two brothers and a sister, Olivia Augusta Cheney, who was a well-known woman in her prime. She advocated for the rights of women in their time where women were only supposed to stay home and be perfect homemakers. She wanted more than that, and she spoke about it. She gave very good motivational speeches, and was a popular feminist who helped the woman’s’ rights movement. He was named after his father, and Alger was sometimes referred to as Horatio Alger Jr. His father was a church minister, and when Horatio got older, he took on the role of the minister. However, after accusations about some bad works with the boys in the congregation, Horatio was asked to leave the church and he never went back.…show more content…
If you wanted to change your situation in life, all you had to do was work hard in your endeavors and you could have a better life. This was what all of his books were about that he wrote. He became a very established author and wrote over 100 books, stories, and songs mainly about the “rags to riches” ordeal. There were at least 200 million copies of his books sold, which put him in the category with Stephen King. But, when he was younger, this was not the case. Alger knew that he could and wanted to write, so he started with magazines. These magazines and stories weren’t exactly a hit, they were a little on the opposite side. But all of this does not mean that he was unintelligent. On the other side, he a brilliant boy, and he finished school at the age of 16, instead of 17 or 18, like most high school graduates. He then moved on to a prep academy and went even higher, and graduated from Harvard in
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