Horatio Vs. Fortinbras In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In Hamlet Horatio survives because he is the prince’s confidant, he survives so that he can remind us the reader’s of Hamlet’s virtues when he tells the story of Hamlet. He is the only one that believes that Hamlet has good intentions. Horatio lets us know as readers that Hamlet was a hero, in his efforts to bring justice to his fathers murder. Fortinbras’s role in the play is foil, he contrasts with Hamlet through out the entire play. Despite their differences towards eachother they’re almost parallel; Fortinbras is also a Prince the Prince of Norway in fact. More importantly Fortinbras has also lost his father in result of violence when Old Hamlet killed his dad in single combat. The only difference they have despite all of their similarities is they’re political opposites, Fortinbras leads an army and is all in for action. He does this in avengance of his lost dad, while Hamlet on the other hand takes a different route. Laertes does have an epiphany, because he starts to understand the actions of the King prior to his battle with Hamlet. Before he dies from thr poison Gertrude does to, showing him that the…show more content…
Which in literature is a drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow. Hamlet is a Tragic hero because he is the protagonist, and he is the driving force of the tragic drama in the play. Evidence is that Hamlet is of noble birth meaning he has a higher social status than the average person in the play. Hamlet also goes through a reversal of fortune; in Act 3 Scene 3 he ha sthe perfect opportunity to avenge his father instead he opts not to kill his uncle. Hamlets anagnorisis results in his growing from ignorance to insight, he is usually comtemplating during the play in the end hes sure of what he wants. Hamlet is full of irony through the entire play and the reader knows of all his tragic flaws: his contemplation which leads to his
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