Horatio's Loyalty In Hamlet

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Hamlet’s loyal friend Horatio Many of the Shakespeare's characters are scattered with a long trails of sin and misfortune, in Hamlet, Denmark's prince, Hamlet is set to seek the revenge of his father's murder. With the guidance of his father's ghost , Hamlet begins acting out in lunacy to appear inconspicuous, plots for his uncle Claudius’ demise by enacting a play to seek out the new kings guiltiness. With all of Hamlet's bouts of depression, lunacy and anger, Horatio, a scholar, acts as a loyal follower and true friend. Hamlet not even being able to trust his mother takes Horatio's loyalty seriously, making him the only person he can completely rely on and honestly talk to. At first Hamlet also put his trust in both life long friends…show more content…
Not trusting many people in the kingdome for the most part of the play, the reader rarely sees Hamlet's true feeling explained to another person. In act five Learties challenges Hamlet to a duel to revenge his sister's death which he blames on Hamlet. Once hearing the news Horatio become greatly concerned for Hamlet's well-being, and tries to convince him to say he is not fit to dule. “ You will lose my lord--”...“ If your mind dislike anything, obey it. I will forestall their repair hither and say you are not fit.” (5.2.223) Not listening to Horatio, Hamlet duels with laertes and is struck with a poisoned blade. With Gertrude poisoned by wine Hamlet successfully completes his mission in revenging his father's murder and killing Claudius. Although avenging his father's death, Hamlet’s fate still leads to his passing by Laertes poisoned blade. Horatio, witness to the seen is ready to follow Hamlet even into death. As Horatio picks up the cup to follow hamlet into death Hamlet makes him stop. Hamlet tells Horatio not to follow him but live and tell his
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