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One of the most prominent beverage encompassed by the Latin American culture is Horchata, which varies in taste depending in which country of Latin America the beverage is made. Within the Mexican culture this beverage uses some of the most appetizing ingredients. This flavorsome beverage has been around for so many years that even taquerias, and Mexican restaurants serve this cultural beverage with exquisite dishes. There are also many Latinos who know how to produce Horchata at home. Being able to produce this cultural Latin drink can be rewarding. Gaining insight in the preparation process and mastering such specialty will give bragging rights to the one producing this beverage. What is more fascinating; Horchata is an uncomplicated beverage…show more content…
Start grating the product, and add extra water if necessary. There needs to be enough water in the blender to grate the rice and cinnamon finely. When the product is liquidly, start filtering it using the double mesh strainer. At this point the water pitcher with ice water needs to be ready. Fill the water pitcher half way only, this will allow some room for the filtered rice water. Next, lay the double mesh strainer on the opening of the water pitcher and hook it to the edges of the water pitcher for a better grip. Start adding the rice water through the double mesh strainer, and stir the rice with a spoon. This will allow the rice water to filter through the double mesh strainer and pour into the water pitcher. The double mesh strainer will retain all the excess rice and cinnamon. So, once done filtering enough rice water into the water pitcher, eliminate the excess rice and cinnamon. Finally, add 1 can of Nestle evaporated milk, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon and lastly add 2/3 cups white sugar. Add more sugar to reach the desired sweetness. Some consumers do prefer the Horchata sweeter compared to others who prefer the Horchata less

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