Horizontal Inequality Analysis

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Horizontal Inequality (HI) is inequality among groups as opposed to among individuals or households (Vertical Inequality). These groups are culturally differentiated and members of these groups share a common identity. Basically Horizontal inequalities are inequalities based on these group identities and these identities are constructed and defined through cultural convictions. Group identities can be spread across three dimensions, Economic, Social and Political (Stewart, 2009). So, Horizontal Inequality can be Inequalities in terms of different group’s access to economic/social/political resources. Group membership is an intrinsic part of human life. It is the quest of universal human consciousness to look for a sense of belongingness.…show more content…
The three major dimensions of Horizontal Inequality are, as discussed before, Economic, Social, Political. Economic HI would include inequalities regarding distribution of economic resources and inequalities in terms of income. Another aspect of Economic HI is imbalance of employment opportunities. The social dimension of HI would include various social outcomes such as life expectancy, infant and child mortality, educational attainment and access to various services such as Health services, formal education, water supply, sanitation, housing etc. Political HI can be defined in terms of the group members’ political participation in electoral as well as non-electoral politics. (Stewart,…show more content…
He further hypothesizes that inequalities between culturally define groups lead to violent conflict because when cultural difference coincides with economic and political discrimination the result is usually violent struggle between advantaged and disadvantaged groups. Mobilisation of groups as a collective may occur if people identify strongly with the groups. Studies have shown that higher level of Horizontal Inequality coincides with higher intensity of conflict. Stewart’s argument is that conflict is more likely when one group faces inequality across all three dimensions i.e. Social, Economic and Political. The leadership among this community gets agitated with political HI and the rest of the group can be mobilised because of the Socio-economic discrimination faced by

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