Case Study: Hormone Replacement Treatment

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Hormone Replacement Treatment How Effective Is It? Nicole Cilliers 14187494 Lara Tromp Shani de Jager Joni Rice Niccy Poteiter Dunique Swanapoel DECLARATION Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Name Student Number: ________________________________________ Assignment Topic: ________________________________________ I declare that this assignment is my own original work.…show more content…
During this stage the female body experiences a drastic decline in concentrations of specific hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The effects of this drop in hormone secretion are hot flashes, sweating at night – that might lead to sleeplessness, irritability, as well as a decrese in bone density. Thus the benefits of HRT relating to menopause include: Regarding vasomotor symptoms, HRT is effective in the minimizing of hot flashes, as well as night sweating in postmenopausal women. The use of an artificial, steroid drug called tibolone, that resembles the effect of estrogen and progesterone, is used to maintain the mentioned vasomotor symptoms. (Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Summary of the Evidene). Night sweats will also be reduced, resulting in better sleep, which could reduce irritability. In terms of the symptoms of the urinary and sex-organs, such as vaginal dryness and frequent urination, HRT assists in relieving these…show more content…
Once women reach menopause Hormone replacement therapy is advised, as symptoms can often be difficult to cope with, such as night sweats that disrupt sleep patterns (Hailes) Most doctors would advise them to use it for the shortest period possible in order for it to be effective without causing any adverse effects, as the longer they are on the treatment for the higher their risks are for breast cancer (Olsson, Ingvar and Bladström ) and other symptoms. Doctors also advise that oestrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapy (Stöppler) are used simultaneously to decrease the risk of uterine cancer. Therefore hormone replacement therapy for menopause is not a viable long term solution (Hailes) as the risks outweigh the benefits, and there are other ways to help a patient cope with the effects of

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