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About Horn Lake The wonderful community of Horn Lake, Mississippi boasts 218 days of sunshine, as well as 15 local parks. Making, Horn Lake the Greenest City in Mississippi. The active lifestyle of Horn Lake residents in combination with the many wonderful amenities available in the area, create an environment that nourishes and enriches the needs of its citizens. Horn lake is home to some of the best schools in the state of Mississippi. The local universities, colleges, and trade schools help prepare the younger residents of Horn Lake for the future. Whereas, the city 's local hospital, fantastic library, and safe neighborhoods create a community where families can thrive. http://www.hornlake.org/ History of Horn Lake http://www.hornlake.org/Historic-Information/…show more content…
Spanish explorers led by Hernando Desoto encountered the Chickasaw during their discovery of the Mississippi River. The area of Horn Lake moved through a succession of European rulers. Eventually, the area was placed under American governance in…show more content…
Within the region, cotton became a substantial cash crop. Eventually, a railroad was laid and growth within the Horn Lake area experienced unprecedented growth. The railroad carried a freight-car marked "Horn Lake," that was intended for residents who lived in the Mississippi lake region. The name was a reference to the area 's landmark lake that lay just three miles west of the town. The lake, shaped like an ox-bow was once a riverbed of the Mississippi River. Eventually, the railroad stop adopted the name “Horn Lake.” The community surrounding the stop, developed store, built shops, and opened a post office. Today, the town of Horn Lake is every bit as dynamic as it was in times past. Parks And Recreation Known as the "Greenest City" in Mississippi, Horn Lake is home to 16 local parks. The city 's parks provide a wonderful place for families and community members to enjoy a leisurely picnic or an afternoon at play. Residents of Horn Lake also enjoy a variety of recreation supported by the city 's various programs. These programs encourage active participation in baseball, basketball, cheer and softball. One of the most popular and impressive area parks is the Latimer Lakes Park. The much-loved 120-acre park is complete with lighted tennis courts, ball parks, three fishing lakes, a frisbee golf course, and a skate

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