Horner's Syndrome Research Paper

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Horner 's syndrome

The syndrome of Horner is a neuro-ophthalmological that develops after an interruption of nerve fibers nice ranging from the hypothalamus to eye. Possible damage to the central level that causes this syndrome is the lesion, compression or ischemia of the brain stem.

Other conditions that determine the Horner syndrome is syringomyelia and some cancers marrow or brain (eg. neuroblastoma). Interruptions devices, however, can result from head and neck trauma, cervical lymphadenopathy, lung tumors Pancoast, aortic dissection or carotid artery and thoracic aortic aneurysm. Horner 's syndrome can also be caused due to surgical or congenital trauma.
Horner syndrome can occur for many reasons. It can be
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1. Incomplete ptosis, fractional lowering down of the eyelids,

2. Miosis, diminish in the pupil diameter,

3. Headache and eye pain,

4. Anhidrosis of emifaccia, inability to sweat,

5. Facial flushing,


While a doctor can diagnose Horner on the basis of symptoms and the appearance of the eyes, there are still several tests needed to confirm and look for the cause. Eye drops containing cocaine can be applied to the eye hit. The diagnosis is confirmed if the pupils do not dilate in 30 minutes. Other drugs may be applied to determine the location of the nerve damage. A chest X-ray determines whether the cause is a tumor of the lung and an MRI brain lesions look or spinal cord.


There is no specific treatment for Horner syndrome itself. The doctor will focus on finding and treating the underlying cause. If the cause can be treated successfully, Horner will clear up on its own. However, if you find it difficult to see out of the eye, you may need to be checked by an eye doctor.


prevention measures rely on upon the etiology of Horner 's syndrome. These may incorporate anticipation of injury (particularly head injury), control of cardiovascular risk factors as well as smoking

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