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While there may be one billion trillion stars within the known universe, the number of habitable planets such as Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy, pales in comparison at a mere forty billion. While not all are completely safe to colonize in the near future, it still bears a shocking revelation to the fortune humans have been blessed with. With knowledge such as this available to the common civilian, it is astonishing how the human race has treated the poor, ever-decaying planet we inhabit. In due time, it will be vital to the success of the human race to leave the once beloved planet for dead and move on.
I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet...Although the chance of a disaster to planet
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Habitable planets are scarce but one will be filled with hope as it will become a home for the human race for millenniums to come; for now it seems Proxima b will have that honor. One of the most historic tools for space-bound research, the telescope is making astronomical bounds in assistance of astronomy research. The Hubble telescope is without a doubt the most influential telescope of all time. While not being the most powerful piece of equipment engineering has to offer, it has played the largest role of any telescope.“The Hubble Space Telescope is not the most prolific exoplanet hunter at astronomers ' disposal, but it has made unique and significant contributions to the discovery and study of dozens of far-off worlds. Its sharp vision has detected the farthest planets found so far. It captured the first visible-light image of a planet around another star,”(“Hubble Site…” 1). Although the Hubble has been in space since 1990, it is still making important discoveries towards interstellar travel. Telescopes have done an amazing job in helping scientists map out the stars, but traversing the dark, desolate nothingness of space requires a different use of

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