The Terrible Thing Poem Analysis

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The three texts which are the allegory, "Terrible Things", the poem, "First They Came For the Communists" and the memoir Night share some differences and similarities. These three texts are related during the Second World War in Europe and also about the Holocaust. The WWI (1939-1945) was the bloodiest war in the world's history. The conflict started in Germany led by Adolf Hitler that was the leader of the Nazi party, this man had thoughts in conquering foreign lands, increasing jobs, and exterminating all races that he thought were minorities. During his dictatorship, he sent troops to imprison and kill all the enemies of the Nazis who were Jews, homesexuals, communists etc. Hitler's enemies were sent to concentration camps where some were…show more content…
The main characters are Little Rabbit and Big Rabbit and other secondary characters. Once, the Little Rabbit Witnessed the Terrible Things. They came to forest because they were searching for any creature that possess feathers. Every other creature was looking at each other to see who had feathers. The frogs, squirrels, porcupines, fish, and rabbits said no. But the birds in that moment went flying very quickly, but the Terrible Things caught them with their terrible nets. Finally, after the Terrible Things took away the birds from the forests. Every other creature was saying that the birds were too noisy. But Little rabbit was confused about the situation. So, he asked to Big Rabbit. "Why did the Terrible Things want the birds? what's wrong with feathers ". Then, Big Rabbit replied to his question in a calm tone for Little Rabbit. "The Terrible Things do not need a reason. Just be glad it was not us they wanted. "In other words, this explains the whole theme of the allegory. The other creatures had fear of the Terrible Things, that is why they were never brave enough to stand up and defend themselves or their friends. They did not want it to make a little sacrifice for them or their friends . Instead, they just accepted the circumstances, and they were happy that they were fine, but this not happened to the unfortunate birds that were captured by the Terrible Things. Among all the…show more content…
Elie Wiesel (1928 - 2016) was a teenager in 1944 when he and his family were taken from their home in Sighet, Romania to a concentration camp in Poland called Auschwitz , and then to Buchenwald . This excerpt can be found at the beginning of the book Night. In summary, the excerpt talks about when Moishe the Beadle a poor man that was like a religious teacher for Elie is expelled from Sighet in 1941, because he was a foreign Jew . According to the first four paragraphs of the excerpt . It says . “AND THEN , one day all foreign Jews were expelled from Sighet...They cried silently . Standing on the station platform, we too were crying...The deportees were quickly forgotten”. In other words , this situation is shown in the other two previous texts . When the Nazis or Terrible Things come for their enemies , but no one do anything to stopped this . They just see how their friends are been taken away by the hands of terrible people . They do not want to sacrifice a little bit of them to save their friends’ lives , because they do not want to be hurt or get in trouble. This is how this situation repeat itself in the three different texts . In addition, Moishe the Beadle escaped from the place that him and other foreign jews were sent . He survived because he got wounded in the leg and left for dead. Then, he came to the town again to warn the people
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