Azami By Uzumaki: Chapter Summary

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The work of Ito has shown a more significant deal of objectification with the horror stories, which is explained further inside the chronicle story of Azami’s scar. Azami a character within the book Uzumaki, the book itself contains chapters of stories from the different perspective of characters inside the book while having the weird obsession over spirals present in each chapter. The first chapters of the beginning of the book show how significant the spirals can make one’s obsession with something increase quickly. Azami’s scar on her forehead is my sign, in the chapter about Azami’s story, there is a myth of Azami having weird powers to attract the opposite sex without trying. Azami’s scar on her forehead is representing the power she…show more content…
At the beginning of the book, the horror effects of the spiral have killed a character’s father, while producing frightening images slightly before his death. The spiral is represented as a creepy image of the town and how it’s started to break down every person who began to notice and see it. In this case of the book, the spiral is used for objectification as an obsession of certain things. According to chapter three, of the book Uzumaki, when Azami realized her moon-shaped car had no effect on Shuichi like any other guy she began to obsess over it (Page 91). On this specific scene, Shuichi has a scared expression on his face while telling Azami to check her forehead for the spiral. While checking her moon scar, she notices the spiral beginning to appear as a spiral. Thus, making Shuichi shout, “I knew it!” (Page 91). The obsession causes her moon shape scar to begin then to turn into a spiral as the obsession continued. When the scar on Azami’s forehead started to turn into a spiral, it then created a portal where humans can be sucked into. This is much like how the character at the beginning of the book, father died, by becoming sucked into the obsession of the
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