Horror In Roald Dahl's The Lamb To The Slaughter

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The story “The Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl is of the horror genre for a multitude of reasons. The horror genre itself is in my mind is a story filled with suspense and large expectations. The characters also make this story of the horror genre, as in this story Mary Maloney poses an inside threat to her husband when she attempts, and successfully kills him. The characters in the horror genre do not have to be supernatural. Horror stories may also include paranormal activity, parallel universes, and unnatural explanations. Before I explain on why this story is of the horror genre let me give you the back story. Mr. Maloney arrives home from work to explain to his wife something, Mrs. Maloney then gets so aggravated she runs down stairs to grab a leg of lamb, she then walks up the stairs and knocks her husband over the head, he then dies. She puts the lamb in the oven, she then arrives at the local grocery store to buy vegetables for her lamb. Once she gets home, she calls the cops, the cops arrive and search her house in the dying heat. Once they conclude that she is “innocent,” she offers them the lamb and the vegetables. When the detectives eat the murder weapon, Mrs. Maloney laughs a devilish laugh. Mrs. Maloney would prove this…show more content…
The detectives in the story predicted that Mary is innocent, as a normal conventional technique they did their investigating and as said in the story ““In fifteen minutes he was back with a page of notes, there was more whispering, and through her sobbing she heard a few of the whispered phrases-”....acted quite normal....very cheerful... wanted to give him a good super...impossible that she....””(PG6 p4) The omj de twa in this story is when the detectives eat the murder weapon. This makes this story of the horror genre as Mary Maloney suggested them to eat it. She deliberately got rid of the murder weapon, and that then proved her
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