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How does horror films influence on toddlers? Who is the biggest fan of interesting stuff or some forbidden things? Who is very courageous and nosey person in your life? Of course it is your little siblings or simply put-children. Horror films is the best way to fumble nerves, it includes variety colorful event during 2 hours. But the genre is probably most clearly defined by its goal “to frighten and revolt the audience” (Kawin, 2012, p. 4).We can see humanity imagination in one picture: zombie, vampire, dead, werewolf and other supernatural beings. Moreover people advice to see it in evening. Majority says that it will be more delightful than to see it in morning. Furthermore, to watch the horror movies with your friends and pop-corn will be better. Now it is very popular to watch some…show more content…
And I will persecute in my project several questions that appealed me: o Why number of children, who watching the scary movies are increasing? o How can we protect a children’s mind from horror films? o How can change an outlook of kids in society, if their occupation is to blink the scary movies? In the end, this project should impact on kids and adults. The toddlers should think about their heath and mind. This project will try fully answering on these targets…show more content…
It is survey. Survey has good options, advantages and it is easy to use it. Why? Because you can create some questions, for example 20 questions and certain number of people can answer on this question. Moreover, this survey is online and it simplifies my task. Thereby, I can manage my time by online survey. For instance, I made up the survey and it took 20 minutes. So, 5 minutes later I sent this survey 20 other people. These people replied my survey in 5 minute and my work is done. In this way, I made up a questionnaire which comprised nine questions about influence of horror

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