Horror Movies Persuasive Essay

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Ever been on a tall building and had the sudden urge to hurl yourself off? That, my friend, is a French term called “l’appel du vide” or in English “the call of the void”. It’s that tiny psychotic part of our consciousness trying to take control. For clear reasons no one would ever do that, but why does it arouse the insanity within ourselves no one would dare touch? Just like Stephen King curtly states, “I think that we’re all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better”. This also happens to explain our mighty thirst for horror movies. I plan to use the information of these wondrous creatures called humans to support King’s statement in his essay. In the light of that, people watch horror movies to escape…show more content…
While some adults still check under their beds and in their closets for monsters, the waterfall of gruesome manslaughter, crazy -yet sexy- ex convicts, clearly-older-than-twenty high school stalkers, and possessed children/old ladies existing are very unlikely. People are often thinking of something like, “Wowzers, that was weird. Good thing this would never happen in real life.” because people in this reality are too busy trying to figure out what their top priority is out of their family and friends, their jobs, and their mental and physical health. But at the same time, people are also reminded of their love for the reality they were placed in. As a result from watching the main protagonist losing their loved ones and going through their own hell, people from the audience are thinking about theirs. About how painful life would be without them. About how much they love being with them. About how much they never want any of what happened in the movie to happen to them. But more importantly, they think about how glad they are to be alive where they are now. With their friends and family and with the current job they have now. After reading King’s essay, using interviews from WebMD and PsychCentral, and getting ideas from YouTube videos, I can somewhat properly conclude why people watch horror movies. Like King fails to sugarcoat, we’re all insane. People in this generation are
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