Horror Of The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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Horrors of The Holocaust The memoir Night by Elie Wiesel is one of the many novels written by him and others about the true cruelty of the Nazis. The memoir shows the abominable actions of the Nazi perpetrators; for example, “Faster, you swine, you filthy sons of bitches!”(Wiesel 91). This quote shows the feelings of the Nazis and how they brutally treated the Jews and other races. Swine, a term for pigs, commonly used throughout the Nazi camps; this is not the first time that the Kapos and other Nazi soldiers have called the Jews pigs or dogs. This quote shows the inhumane treatment of the people sentenced to the concentration camps during World War II where six million Jews die in various ways. Wisel uses irony at the end of the book after the camps and torture to show that he had endured so much only to almost die of food poisoning The callous indifference shown throughout the memoir creates the necessity of every man for himself. “Soon, nearly everywhere, pieces of bread were being dropped into the wagons. The audience stared at these skeletons of men, fighting one another to the death for a mouthful.” (106). Withered skeletons, fighting for a measly bite of bread in the coldest of temperatures; confined to the small cattle car that has nothing more than open slats on the side. Jews and others transported by the Nazis in the winter of 1945 while Nazis are trying to annihilate what they believed to be inferior races. They are slowly shipping prisoners
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