Persuasive Essay On Pleasantville

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Imagine being a teenager in the 90's and getting sucked into a black and white T.V. show. That would have to be a worst nightmare convievable or one's sweetest dream come true, that is if you're a nerd. That is the movie Pleasantville. But, there is more to the film, than just a simple lesson at the end. The 1998 film, Pleasantville exeplifies the qoute by Andrew Smith: "We fear what we don't understand and we hate what we can't conquer". It is, after all, human nature to be scared of the unknown. The film is the story of high school twins in the 90's, one popular (Jennifer, played by Reese Witherspoon), the other not so much (David, played by Tobey Maguire). In this movie, they get pulled into a T.V. show with the same title as the movie itself. While in this town, they stir up trouble by bringing their new world ideas. These ideas being sex and women's independance to name a few. As you can imagine though, this has a huge consequences and repercussions. The first example is when Skip Martin misses the shot due to frustration. The ball ricochets off the backboard, lands on the floor, and…show more content…
In this scene there are several similarities between this movie and the movie 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'. Starting at the beginning, where the coloreds are sitting in the balcony segregated from the rest of the crowd and the trial itself is completely unfair. Then, when Big Bob refers to all the people that are in black and white as "true citizens", his true colors begin to come out. As David/Bud speaks in defense, he shows that he is perfectly happy being ignorant and archaic, that he hates anything of a different nature. It also showed that he didn't actually see the coloreds as real citizens and that they weren't of a "pleasant" nature. Ultimately, after his meltdown, he runs off with shock, fear, confusion, anger, and panic written all over his
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