Horse Blanketing Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered why some people blanket their horse and some don’t? Some can take it or leave it, others would say it is only necessary in certain situations, and then there are those who believe it is an absolute necessity. This is a continued social issue in the equine industry. Social because the issue is based upon personal preference with material to supports both pros and cons with exceptions. This is a current trend that is helpful information due to the current change in in season. For centuries wild horses have roamed the earth without any assistance in survival from humans. The horses were exposed to many different climates in which they were able to adapt. With that being said domestic horses must be supplied with basic…show more content…
I believe that by blanketing your horse at the first sign of cold it is hindering their bodies natural ability to regulate temperature. As supported by Cymbaluk, N.F., & Christison, G.I. (1989a). Effects of diet and climate on growing horses. Journal of Animal Science, by blanketing your horse you don’t allow for proper temperature regulating. A blanket triggers the body to try and warm the parts of the body that are still exposed such as the head, neck, belly, and legs. A horse can not specify what parts to warm, so the whole body heats up causing the horse to sweat. When a horse sweats it drops the core temperature, if it drops to low it can disrupt metabolic processes within the body. Also can cause certain diseases or infections to grow rapidly. As I said before there are a few exceptions. First exception would be a senior horse with a poor body condition and the inability to produce body heat by digestion. Second exception is a sick horse or a horse with medical problems where there body is busy fighting to get better not helping them stay warm. Lastly an extreme drop in temperature would be a reason to blanket any
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