Horse Grooming Techniques

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Knowing how to properly tack up a horse will not only help you connect with your horse but also make the ride more comfortable for the both of you. The first thing you want to do is gather your supplies. These supplies include: grooming supplies, saddle pad, saddle, bridle, and the most important; your horse.

Grooming, which is also known as brushing, is very important because it removes any debris from the coat that would cause irritation between the saddle pad and skin. Removing debris is easy if you use the proper tools. A curry comb, stiff brush, soft brush, and a hoof pick are your basic necessities in your grooming tote. The curry comb should be used first. By using circular motions this brush loosens caked on mud and other debris from the horse's coat. The stiff brush is best used in short, flicking motions and it is best to start at the horses neck working your way back towards the tail. This brush helps pull the debris away from the skin and coat. The soft brush will remove any remaining dirt and debris. It should be used in the same manner as the stiff brush by starting at the neck with short, flicking movements towards the tail. The last this is to clean your horse's hooves. The hoof pick is designed to help you clean out any stones or other
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Make sure the band is flat against the horse's rib cage but not to close to the front legs. Using the long strap called a latigo, run it through the dee ring on the cinch to make it snug against the horse. Next you run the latigo back through the saddle's dee ring, keeping it snug. If the latigo is very long you can repeat looping the strap through the dee rings again. To tie the securing knot, you will cross the loose end over the layers and run it through the back of the dee ring, making a small loop. Tucking the remaining loose end through the loop and pulling tight will then secure the knot. (How To Tie A Western

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