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Horses Heart Rate Introduction This paper is about how a horse’s heart rate, along with the riders, changes from riding bareback to riding in a saddle. Riding a horse for some people is a hobby, but for others it 's their life. According to Lisa Rask, 2011-2015 “Riding was started around 4,200 BC when wild horses were often used as a source of food before people learned to train and bond with them.” Once they learned to ride horses they found out that it was a much faster way of getting around rather than just walking everywhere. They also discovered that it was much easier to keep up with large herds of animals such as cows and other herds of horses. They also figured out that it was much easier to hunt big game animals such as buffalo, elk and moose. Riding has been much modified since these day, like instead of always riding bareback, we now have saddles to give you better balance. Riding a horse is something that you can do with your friends and family t there is a few things you should know. Before you even go out to the barn you need to have the proper clothes. Such as, boots with a 1” heel, and a pair of jeans that cover the back and insides of your legs (horse riding for beginners, 2011-2015). If you don 't have any boots the last resort is tennis shoes but…show more content…
Once you’ve rode your horse, you need to check their heart rate as soon as you get off. According to Doug Byers 2013 “The easiest place to check a horse’s heart rate is the Mandibular artery.” Although there are many other places to check the heart rate to, such as the chest wall just behind the left front elbow. Those are two of the easiest places to check heart rate unless you own a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors usually range anywhere from $125-$200. The monitor has two wires connected to a transmitter that send signals to a watch that the rider is wearing (Ray George PHD, 2000). The transmitters are easily incorporated in tack, they can be attached to the saddle pad or to the breast

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