Horse Judging Research Paper

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Horse Judging

Horse Judging is an uncommon form of FFA judging. Livestock judging is a more common way of judging for most people. When it comes to horse judging you have to know all the basics. That includes knowing the parts of a horse and how to take notes when you’re in the arena or stands judging. In this topic I will be telling you the basics, the levels and competitions,how take notes, terms you could use, and the priorities.

First, let’s start with the basics. When you first start judging, you should go to practices with your team. Your team consists of people that are in horse judging and they can be in 4-H or in your school FFA. When you go to practices you should always review what you know. Every time you have practice go over what you have already done, then learn something new. You can always say something about the topic you
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The first one, structure, which tells us about how the horse is built. The second one, muscle, tells us that we need to look for muscle in that certain class. The third one, balance, will present us with how evenly “balanced” the horse is throughout. The fourth one, quality, should let us know if the horse should be presented in a world class competition. The fifth one, femininity, shows use if the girl horse looks like a girl horse or if a boy horse looks like a boy horse. The sixth one, masculinity, Tells us how much muscle the horse has. The last one, eye appeal, this should tell us if this horse is a world competition horse.

To sum up my essay, I hope you have learned what you should do in your future when horse judging comes along. You should focus hard on the horse, than the people around you. Don’t copy from other notebooks, you could be disqualified. The information I’ve told you is very important. This can either get you into college or help you with team building skill. When it comes to horse judging, put effort into what you want to
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