Horse Meat Persuasive Essay

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Munassar Shariff
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1 March, 2016 Neigh! As the horse is being grounded into Taco Bell beef. How disappointed would you be to find out that horse meat was in your beef? There is proof that Taco Bell is using horse meat as one of their ingredients. While the FSA was testing meat products for any horse meat it has been said a veterinarian drug tested positive for contamination. Despite the scandal growing in Europe U.S officials deny any contamination in their meat products. The scandal has become the next headline and many are raving about it. Many people were furious and felt betrayed that horse meat was in their beef while restaurants such as taco bell promised 100% all natural beef. Many corporations claims
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the FSA also tested meat products and was later found out that they did test positive for contamination of horse meat and phenylbutazone. phenylbutazone is a synthetic compound used as an analgesic drug, especially in the treatment of horses. . Furthermore, to be precise; phenylbutazone is banned and has had major side effects when doctors used it to treat humans , many even experienced severe toxic reactions. With that being said it is not a surprise that many have reported being sick after buying a meal from Taco Bell and other restaurant that had horse meat in their meat…show more content…
the United States does not import its beef from Europe and it has an inspection system for any imported products that are from foreign countries. As stated by Cochran "there are currently no establishments in the U.S that slaughter horses". Therefore, it is not possible for U.S meat products to have been contaminated. In addition, the FSIS doesn 't allow imports of horse meat from foreign countries for human consumption. With that being said it is enough evidence to prove that it is impossible for U.S meat to have been
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