A Personal Reflection On My Life

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As I reflect on my life and my experiences, it’s essential to acknowledge how much of a role horses have played in my life. Much of what drives, motivates, and inspires me stems from my horseback riding career. When I think of the person I’ve become, my mind takes me back to the fifteen years I spent in various barns, being taught by several coaches, riding hundreds of different horses, and mucking out countless stalls. In those moments, I didn’t realize how much I was learning from the coaches, the horses, and yes, even the chores, or how all of it would carry over into the academic and professional aspects of my life later on. It’s only now that I can see how those years of my life were molding me into a better person than I would’ve become otherwise. My strong passion for horses and riding bled out into other parts of my life, allowing me to break out of my previously shy and reticent nature. The confidence instilled in me by coaches as I improved as a rider transferred into the classroom and into my social life, as I began to speak up more and engage with my classmates. I gained new friends and tried new things, like joining the basketball and…show more content…
I was incredibly lucky to own Rudy for the six years I did. From the first time I rode him to the last, Rudy taught me an incredible amount about being a good rider and a good person. Horses generally have big personalities, but Rudy’s was unlike any other. I quickly discovered his love for watermelon, his tendency to sit like a dog instead of a horse, and his ability to comfort me during my emotional teenage years. In the show ring, he shifted into a handsome, graceful creature, giving me his all and earning us hundreds of ribbons. He was my rock and my greatest blessing in life. When he passed away, I knew I was experiencing a heartbreak that would never fully
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