Horse Show Research Paper

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Ameera and Maci had always seemed like a match made in heaven, so horse shows were just the next big step for the two. Maci Carter has rode horses since before she can even remember, “I don’t know how I got into riding horses, I had always liked them and so I started taking lessons.” stated Maci cracking a smirk, her brown eyes glistened as she started to talk about what she loved the most. Maci had only been doing horse shows for a year but it had already impacted her life incredibly. “I love going to horse shows because I get to be surrounded by other people who completely understand how I feel, people that are just like me that are driven by their passion of horses and the showing them.” Explained Maci the excitement in her mellifluous voice, showed just how the thought of horse shows made her extremely happy.…show more content…
I questioned Maci about if she saw a future in horse shows or anything to do with it, and her big brown eyes lit up, her response was that she could completely see herself doing something with it in the future because she enjoyed it so much.
Maci horse is one of the biggest parts of what she does, “Her name is Ameera,” Macy softly exclaimed, as she placed her long brown hair behind her ear. “She’s a grade, which is a cross of different types of horses.” Maci has only had one horse, and that’s Ameera, Ameera is twelve, and hopefully Maci and Ameera have many more years to
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