Horseradish Research Paper

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Horseradish as a cure for sinus

Horseradish is a natural cleanser of the body and the best natural remedy for the treatment of sinusitis. It's pungent and strong taste will immediately feel the nose immediately after entering the body. The root of horseradish is mainly consumed in grated form, you eat it as a salad. Specific peppery taste and smell of horseradish come from a substance called sinigrin and horseradish contains a lot of medicinal ingredients. It will be enough and you eat every day radish when you have a sinus infection. There are several recipes that all can use horseradish for sinusitis, and most are used as follows: in a liter of boiling water grate fresh horseradish root, and then inhale, ie. inhale the vapor, with a towel over his head. Horseradish will clear your sinuses, alleviate inflammation and uncork nose.

Inhalation of the sinuses

Inhalation is the good old proven way to cure sinusitis. In its simplest form, you can inhale steam by placing your head over a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. The warm moist air and hot vapors allow
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Both are used to treat sinusitis. It should be taken once daily after one tablespoon of honey with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder for 3 days. This combination has a beneficial effect on your respiratory channels and eliminates the symptoms of inflammation.

Tea sinuses

Tea for treating sinusitis have the following effects: make it easier to breathe, unclogs clogged nose, soothe inflammation and pain, help eject accumulated secretions is clogged respiratory channels. Tea sinuses can drink every day, after several cups of tea a day, until you clear all the symptoms. Teas will strengthen your immune system. Mainly used to treat sinus following teas: mint tea, tea from eucalyptus, echinacea

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