Hosp 585 Hotel/Restaurant Management Case Study

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Chapter 2 and Chapter 9 Review Questions Tia U. Robinson HOSP 585 Hotel/Restaurant Management November 1, 2015 Professor Lawrence Zimmermann Chapter 2 Review Questions 1. What is the difference between work teams and quality circles? Work teams join together to work on and complete a specific job or task, while a quality circle is a team of workers or staffs who work on various tasks separately and then gather once a week to deliberate dilemmas, vision, resolutions, and so forth in relation to each task that was completed. 2. Compare centralization and decentralization. Centralization is the practice of maintaining power at the upper-level administration’s say-so, whereas decentralization is the practice of allotting power throughout an establishment. 3. Which span of control results in a tall organization? A flat organization? With a flat organization more underlings check in with each manager(s). On the other hand, in a narrow span of control, a smaller number underlings check in…show more content…
Since the hotel’s daily and week-to-week functions are numerous and diverse, the greater part of the general manager’s role as operational supervisor is to observe and distribute thorough information relating to operational problems. This might consist of duties like; introducing systems and budget concepts, controlling the cost price, discovering information and suggestions for investments and budgets, guaranteeing great quality of operations like inside and outside audits. In the transitional term, the general manager is worried about replying fast to fluctuations in the outside environment, in addition to successful employee training. The long-term requirements of the general manager’s task relates to the key capital spending choices needed to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the

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