Hospice Care Case Study

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Johns Hopkins Medicine, main office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is almost a $10 million mixed international health enterprise and one of the main health care systems in America. Baltimore population is around 1.5 million people and is the biggest city in Maryland. Baltimore is filled with a blend of different cultures and neighborhoods, ranging from fancy skyscrapers to brick houses to the Inner Harbor. Baltimore has many opportunities for all cultures. Beaches and ocean resorts are driving distance from Baltimore. Baltimore is ranked seventh in the best U.S. cities for healthy senior living. Baltimore ranked high for social interaction and historical attractions for senior residents and easy accessibility of health care centers.…show more content…
JHM has almost 40 primary and specialty solicitude sites. JHM was launched in 1889 and it has been number one in the nation for 22 years. JHM educates a variety of medical professionals. They promote biomedical research, recognize and cope with human illnesses. They also furnish patient-centered medicine to avert illnesses. -Johns Hopkins Medicine provides Hospice Care to manage pain and signs of illness. Hospice care contributes emotionally, spiritually, and socially to patients and their family. The purpose is to provide relaxation and care, but not the cure to the diseases. Hospice Care primary goal is to control the pain and symptom of their patient. Hospice care goes all the way out for the terminally ill to helping them seek the pleasure in life. There are different types of hospice care services. Services include: Nursing care. A registered nurse works with the doctor and the nurse will create a plan for care. The nurse care involves distributing medication, following the patient 's condition, controlling pain, and giving support however. Medical social services. Medical social workers assist patients in counseling and finding resources to help patients and their family. Some social workers are case managers. They are needed when the level of care is complex ad requires many
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