Hospital Compare And Contrast Hospital

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Hospital Compare is where people can go to get data on the quality of care that is offered at over 4,000 hospitals. The quality of care is extremely important because people want to know if they will be getting the best care at one of these hospitals, and how does a physician treat the patient if they are ill. The information that you can get about hospitals is, how does the hospital rate compared to all of the other hospitals, the hospital’s location, how patients can get a hold of the hospital, is the hospital a rehabilitation hospital, a psychiatric hospital, a general hospital, or a specialty hospital, and what is the hospital called. Also, the information that you can find on hospitals is, how did a recent patient observe the hospital based on their hospital experience, this saying, how did the patient rate the hospital on how well the physicians, and nurses communicated with them. This is extremely important because at a hospital you want doctor, and nurses to answer any questions they might have. Also you can find information on how the hospital gives the correct treatment to patients that have the flu, were diagnosed with cancer, acute myocardial infarction, and the treatment for thrombus. This meaning, how quickly were the correct treatments for these conditions administered to that patient.…show more content…
There is more information that you can find on hospitals such as how often do patients that were discharged, get readmitted into the hospital. In addition the other information you can find on hospitals is the use of medical imaging , and the payment, and the value of care. The kinds of hospitals that you can get information on are Medicare-certified hospitals, and Veterans Hospital Administration
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