Hospital Information System Design Essay

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D3) Design Specification
Design specification for hospital information system is based on UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams which includes

 Use Case Diagram
 Class Diagram
 Sequence Diagram
 Activity Diagram

D (3.1) Use Case Diagram
Use-case diagram is used to describe the functional requirements that expected in a system. The main benefit of use-case diagram is to know how the system interacts and it can be used during analysis process to capture system requirements. (Hospital Use Case Diagram)

(Hospital Use Case Diagram)

D (3.2) Class Diagram Class diagram is used to display some of the classes and packages in the system. Class diagram gives us a picture
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D (3.3.1) Admin Sequence Diagram (Admin Sequence Diagram)

D (3.3.2) Receptionist Sequence Diagram (Receptionist Sequence Diagram)
D (3.3.3) Doctor Sequence Diagram

(Doctor Sequence Diagram)

D (3.3.4) Nurse Sequence Diagram

(Nurse Sequence Diagram)

D (3.3.5) Accountant Sequence Diagram

(Accountant Sequence Diagram)

General Staff Sequence Diagram (General Staff Sequence Diagram) D (3.4) Activity Diagram
Activity diagram describes the major aspects of the system. Activity diagram is based on a flow chart which shows the activity flow from one to another where activity represents an operation in the system. (Hospital Activity
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It is easy to understand by user. The system that we make will avoid the manual work and the problem that concern.

Well our group has worked hard in order to present an improved hospital information system better than the existing one’s regarding the system about the various activities. Still, we found out that the system can be done in a better way and improved one. Primarily, in this system that receptionist will register patient and book appointment with doctor for patient. Then, doctor will consult the patient, also done treatment.

In the upcoming system, we will develop an online service. That mean, the patient can register and book doctor appointment themselves online from their house then doctor can consult patient on the date that patient requested. In the system, patient also can do online payment for the consulting fees. Doctor can sent the medicine prescribe to pharmacy where patient can get the medicine by giving their login id and password without wasting time by queuing

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