Hospital Information Systems Case Study

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Hospital Information Systems

HIS had been implemented in developed countries years back ago. This situation correspond with the rapid growth and development of information technologies. As health care systems invested in information technology (IT), HIS also facing similar experience of extraordinary growth. There over the past decade, advances in health information technologies have experienced extraordinary growth. Within the period of time, health care services invested in information technology (IT) was threefold growth. This situation has be attributed with efficiency improvement and have the possible to raise the quality of care.

3.2 Health Level 7 (HL 7)

In HIS, the development of computerized information systems in clinical field
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For example, a study on HIS evaluation used survey based, PB-ISAM (Process Based Information Systems Assessment Model), which is an assessment method for effectiveness assessment of information systems that consists of 92 evaluation questions in 10 processes (Özkan, Baykal & Sincan 2006). There is also a study about evaluation framework for HIS that comprehensive, specific evaluation factors, dimensions and measures known as human, organization and technology-fit (HOT-fit) (Yusof et al.…show more content…
A study on the interaction of the systems such as Electronic medical Record (EMR) and of Clinical information system (CIS) will not support all time in the patient satisfaction of the service provided in the hospital (Mahmudul Haque et al. 2013). There are also studies on the acceptance of the HIS from perspective of various group of person involve or end users in the HIS. Those studies found that the satisfactions among different group of users (medical secretaries, nurses and physicians) are different. The satisfaction are highest among medical secretaries follow by nurses and physicians (Laerum, Karlsen & Faxvaag 2004). There are studies focus among perception of nurses on HIS as this group of user is the largest group of staff in hospital using this system are useful and ease to use (Hsiao et al. 2011; Lu et al. 2012). But the support on paperless are still in the right track in order to provide a better quality of health care service

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